Realtor CE Class

“The CE Class is FREE and I promise this will be one of the best CE classes you ever attend!” –Gary

Gary has taught over 7,000 REALTORS how trusts should be used to protect their client’s assets.  See what some of his students say…

“Terrific!” – Al & Margaret Kayatani

“Gary is an amazing presenter: I never knew how broken my trust was.  Thanks Gary.” –Cheryl Karl

“Presentation and topics are well timed and helpful.”  – Henry & Lucy Tuason

“Insightful- interesting. Enjoyed it.”   – Carla Berry

“Excellent” –Ted McAdam

“Great workshop! Have more” – Beverly Medina

“Really enjoyed the talk – Learned some useful information.” –Olga Zaras

“Excellent, practical. Good speaking programs.” – Sandra Obrien

“Very easy. Gary has a friendly and knowledgeable demeanor.” – Doug & Liz Reinertson

“I tell everyone about you!”Jeff Herman
Gary FalesRealtor CE Class

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